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Booth And Herold’s Four Nights in the Pine Thicket by Randal Berry

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Or, See Any Snakes Out There? by Randal Berry   (Originally published in the “Surratt Courier”. Oct. 2008) Being a herpetologist by profession and a Lincoln assassination “buff” by hobby, … Continue reading

Death of an Assassin by Steven G. Miller

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“I have too great a soul to die like a criminal.” DEATH OF AN ASSASSIN: Homicide, Suicide or Something Else? by Steven G. Miller   One of the longest-running controversies … Continue reading

Conger: North and South by Robert Wick

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CONGER: NORTH AND SOUTH Everton J. Conger gazed thoughtfully into the blue Montana sky. It was April 26, 1910–the day after his 76th birthday–and the day was spent with a … Continue reading

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